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March 27, 2006



Me too - I had soup for lunch and dinner yesterday (made an asparagus, artichoke soup). No doubt I will have it AGAIN today.
when will the rain ever stop?


Ooh, I have artichokes and asparagus at home that I'd love to make into soup. Is it your own recipe or can I find it somewhere?


Are edamame the new favas? They seem to be popping up in non-Asian recipes everywhere these days. Or maybe I'm just a couple of years behind the times?


I hear you! The weather seems to be teasing us--a glimpse of sun and then more rain. When will it ever stop? It's almost April! There's a reason I decided not to move to Seattle, but you would hardly know it this year.

I'll stop venting now. Thanks for the growl. My workload is crazy too. That plus the weather makes for some grumpy days. Maybe I need some soup? Okay, back to work.

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