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February 07, 2006



These are REALLY good fresh out of the oven with a glass of milk...or a cup of coffee!


How very brilliant of you! I only ever think of making banana bread when my bananas get all brown and funky.

clare eats

I agree what a great idea. Casey is a bannana fiend!


All the credit goes to Mom, who sent this (and another) recipe to me when I was complaining of our bananas largesse. I still have all the ingredients around, and more bananas, and fear that a chocolate-y version is calling out to me, strongly...


They look slightly healthy too, thats a bonus!! Well done.


Leave out the nuts and leave in the chocolate for me. My mother has been making them like that for years and I love them. Maybe if she did the same for her banana bread I'd eat it. *S*


GastroChick -- they are pretty healthy, actually, and if you used some applesauce in place of some of the butter they'd be even more so.

Nerissa -- There's a thought... chocolate-banana muffins. Perhaps I'll make some with my next batch of aging 'nanas!


Yum. Definitely leave in the chocolate for me. An alternative to this recipe is slathering a banana with nutella and eating it.


Mina -- I love it, you're such a deconstructionist!!!


These sound/look great!


Isil -- thanks for stopping by all the way from Turkey! You should try them -- they're really easy to make and quite delicious.


I once made cookies very similar to these, except i was going for a tropical taste, inspired by a cookie from a Chicago bakery. They included chopped dried mangos (a bit too dry, so i revived them in orange juice), shaved coconut, chopped ginger, dried ginger, and a dried banana slice on top of each one.


I love these! I made a couple of modifications because I needed to use them up (along with my way over ripe bananas).
I added about 1/4 cup craisins, and 1/4 cup of choc.chips. I only had a cup of oats, but they turned out wonderful!!

Catherine J

I made these with half whole wheat flour and a tiny bit of chocolate, no nuts, for my grandson's 2nd birthday. They didn't last long. Thanks Catherine J Idaho

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