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February 12, 2006


clare eats

Watching someone be sick is horrible.
But Catherine you definately still need to do things for your self, so I am glad that you are taking the time out to make delicious looking apple and pear crumbles :) Even better if you can convince mr FM to have a bite ;)


(sigh) I wonder if gobbling up nearly half of the crumble, not to mention a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, could be considered doing something for myself? ;)


This sounds like good comfort food. I can just about taste the cold vanilla ice cream melting down over the warm fruit crumble. Yum!


Yes, eating half a crumble totally counts as doing something for yourself! Why does healing have to be so complicated? At any rate, the crumble looks YUM and I wish I had a snow day today to make it. (We have 26" of snow in Central Park! WHY don't I have a snow day?) I will dream of this crumble during my snowy commute to work this morning.


Mom -- it was purty good.

Mina -- 26"? That's all? You're a wuss. Put on your boots ;)


This looks, and probably tastes, awesome. Why add the pears later? Do pears cook quicker than apples?


Cyndi -- umm, my pears were really ripe, so I was afraid they'd melt away to nothing in the hot butter and sugar. Even if you're using less ripe pears, I just don't think they need that extra step. But if you don't mind them turning to a fruity stew, you could certainly toss them in there.

matt armendariz

Finding solace in the act of baking?

What's your secret? I'm the world's worst baker and never seem to have the smarts nor the patience for the exacting nature needed.

I can't wait to make this recipe! (ok, TRY to make this recipe!)


Matt -- I'm the kind who really likes to follow directions so I don't have to work too hard. And I can't do anything fancy like a souffle. But this -- this anybody can do. Cut up some fruit, who cares exactly how big, throw it in a pie plate and dump some stuff on top. The hardest part is working the butter into the flour; just keep the butter cold and work in small pieces. And if you fuck it up, who cares? It's butter! Just dump some vanilla on top and eat. p.s. Really like your site...will continue to check it out.


What type of apples did you use? we have used granny smith and it looks yummy!


Hmmm, that is a great question. When I bake I usually go with Granny Smith, too, but I have a feeling I just used what was around, which would have been Fujis or something sweet. Go with the Grannies, I think they'll hold up better.

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