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February 18, 2006



Sounds like great comfort food to me! All those flavors are nothing short of fittin'!


Us too. I love them. Except we both have our own choice of fillings.
His version always has way more cheese on it than the hers version. But the hers version is likely to sneak in a slice of bacon from time to time.


Mom -- it really, really was.

Sam -- usually I give Mr. FM more of the fatty yummy stuff too but lately, my attitude has been f*** it. Pretty much about everything :) p.s. we ended the meal with some gorgeous lime-infused truffles, wonder where we got those?


One of my friends often says sand, sea and sun can cure all woes. I think she's wrong. I say potatoes, cheese and pork fat can fix the world. I think I know what I'm having for dinner tonight.


Tracy -- ha! I still wouldn't turn down a trip to Hawaii...


I wouldn't turn down a trip to Hawaii either. I would just sit on the beach and eat my loaded double baked potato.


Hi Catherine, I'm betting almost everyone has spuds as a main course on a regular basis.

Try this, from P Wells' French Bistro book: oven preheated to 350. A few baking spuds (Yukon Gold preferred) and some bacon, 2 pieces per spud. Lay bacon over bottom and up sides of a covered casserole (ideally just about big enough to fit all the spuds in a single layer). Spuds on top and then drape bacon that's up casserole sides over tops of spuds. Bake covered at least an hour, till very tender. What you got is fragrant smoked spuds and crisped bacon. Remove spuds and split, slice bacon and lay over, sour cream and chives pretty much finishes it off.
When we lived in CA we had three Thursday (good TV nite) dinners - these spuds, mussels in white wine w/ a baguette, and Cheese Board takeaway "light bake" pizza. Those were the days!
Thanks for reminding me of the spud 'n bacon thing!


Tracy -- okay, so now we just have to locate a very kind benefactor...

Robyn -- that sounds really good too! The potato is a wonderful canvas, n'est-ce pas?

clare eats

Casey is a potatoaholic he would fall over in a drug induced state if I served this too him LOL

clare eats

I was inspired by you ;) http://eatstuff.net/2006/02/20/the-other-side/


yay Clare! (Yay for Casey!)


Yum, Yum, YUM! : )

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