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January 19, 2006



you are cracking me up.
sorry you didnt get selected.
I would have chosen you, for sure!


Well thank God you weren't doing the picking! A 4-week trial is a bit much, even for an under-employed writer like me!

clare eats

Just imagine all that money to be made on jury duty LOL NOT! Those soba noodles sounded very yummy though

I never would have been impartial enough either.


There's actually a great hole-in-the-wall Mexican place across the street for you to check out when they call you for civic duty two year from now ;-)


Personally, I think you've done your civic duty by reviewing a nearby restaurant with good food so that all future jurors can enjoy a nice lunch before heading back to grease the wheels of justice!


Clare -- I know. How do you tell a man who is dying because of asbestos exposure that he can have nothing -- NOTHING -- for his pain and suffering? It takes a stronger willed person than I.

Susan -- see, I should have emailed you before jury duty! Next time...

Mom -- I couldn't agree more!

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