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January 16, 2006



Hmmm, you may have just saved me a trip to Medicine. I've been planning on going, but might try Saha instead. Went to Burma Superstar this weekend, on your recommendation, and it was delish. I'm still craving their sour vegetable soup--addictive stuff!


Tea -- I'm so glad you loved Burma Superstar as much as we did! Yes, I'd skip Medicine unless you just want to see it for yourself. I found the food really unappetizing, and way overpriced. Saha is a great bet (and easy to get into last minute).


oh - i am glad someone else has discovered the gem that is Saha, which reminds me I must revisit it soon. Fred hasn't stopped talking about it since our first visit.

Love the writing on these Catherine. Very professional!



Sam -- it's already on my must-go-again list! And thank you for the compliment, my dear...


Yum, Saha sounds great (not the scallops and chocolate thing though). Catherine, just tagged you for a meme. What goes around comes around! ;-)


we just went back and I love it. still.
This place deserves more recognition, for sure.


PS - i am pretty sure there are only 4 lights (i too was mesmerized by them), but maybe I'll have to go back and do a recount just to be sure.


Sam -- you might be right. I drew four of them but wrote down five, so who knows? But I'm glad you liked it as much as you did the first time. That bodes well for our next visit.


i just reread your review. Those meatballs were anything but Plebeian. They were meatballs of the Gods!!!


Hmm, maybe I'll give them another go. They paled next to the lahem sougar...


btw i checked again and it IS 5 lights. My bad, sorry.


I went to Saha for dinner yesterday, and boy I must have visited on a seriously off night. To be fair, the signature ravioli was very good, and the jalapeno-honey flatbread special was tasty enough. Notably, however, the pesto-stuffed mushroom special was merely okay, the orange chicken was unremarkable, the sea bass was overcooked and grossly undersalted, and the mansaf consisted of dry, tough lamb cubes with virtually no yogurt sauce. Desserts were equally underwhelming.

The service, meanwhile, was simply awful; the plates on which the appetizers were served -- even though emptied -- sat on our crowded table throughout the entire meal, to the point where we had to start stacking them one on top of the other simply to make room. We were never given a fresh set of plates off of which to eat, instead having to make do with the tiny plates given to us originally -- I thought -- for bread. And after we had finished with our meal, we waited for over 30 minutes before anybody came over to clear the table and offer us dessert menus.

I'm not sure whether, or if, I'll ever be tempted to go back...


Ugh -- poor NS! That sounds dreadful. After an experience like that I wouldn't go back either. Sam's been a few times and each time was great, from what I know, and that's what's happened to me too. I wish your experience had been more like ours.

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