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January 04, 2006



What a delicious way to start the year! I've never made anything of Nigella's before. I'll have to try soon...


Beth -- you should! I adore her. I've made a good portion from Nigella Bites, and her roast chicken from How to Eat is my de facto standard (it's nothing fancy, just the recipe and cooking times I go by).

mark fallows

Happy New Year my dear.

Have new year envy and was in detox mode. Reading this killed me....
I broke down after this and cracked open some Ridge Geyserville....opps!


Mark -- well, hey, Ridge is a sort of templefood, n'est-ce pas? HNY to you, too.


I love the post and salmon with mushrooms and greens baked, roasted, broiled or grilled is a favorite in my house. And as for Nigella...you have to check out her latest book Feast. The food is simple to prepare, awesome to present and just delicious. Oh - and once your pants fit...you have to try her chocopots.

Thanks for sharing.


Ruth -- I too love Feast! I've made several of the chocolate cakes from that one.

Piedro Molinero

This recipe reads so delicious, I will go to give it a try. Thank you for sharing this.

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