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January 20, 2006



I served this at my bridge club with a SMALL scoop of caramel ice cream & a dollop of whipped topping & it was a hit! It's just enough to satisfy that sweet craving without any guilt!


hooray. the ww craze is sweeping the nation!


Mom -- ooh, caramel ice cream, yum!

Sam -- it is! I love WW!!!


They all sound like SCRUMPTIOUS ideas to serve these low fat babies with. I can't wait to try these out. Maybe even today. Do you think you could do this with applesauce and white cake mix? I've been inspired LOL. Ooh. Or maybe spice cake mix with the pumpkin. Hmmm....


Nerissa -- yes, carrot or spice cake with pumpkin would be good though the pumpkin flavor would come through (it doesn't in the chocolate). Apple sauce is another great substitute!


Ummmm...book club food...my favorite! I'm hosting next month and I'll try the recipe!


PS If you club is looking for book club suggestions, we did "Confessions of Super Mom" during the holidays and the author called in and spoke to us. Her site is www.melanielynnehauser.com


Betty -- thanks for the suggestion! I haven't heard of that book but I'll check it out. Our next read is 1906, all about the huge San Francisco earthquake. I finished it already -- it was really good.


These little babies kick butt! WW points really don't matter when one eats seven of them, though....


Mina -- thank you for the laugh, I needed that! I have had the flu for a week and I'm about ready to kill myself!

Ulterior Epicure

yum. how much does the pumpkin figure into the flavor?

ulterior epicure.


UE -- I guess it depends on your palate, but to mine (and those whom I've fed them to) not very much at all. I imagine if the idea of pumpking freaks you out, you could also substitute apple sauce...though in my experience they won't be quite as moist.


These sound good, but how many calories (approx) are in 2 weight watcher's points?

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