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January 05, 2006



This post made my mouth water!My grandmother grew up in Lawrenceville and brunswick stew is served every Christmas Eve for "supper." The brunswick stew that we've always eaten is slightly sweet with a bit of vinegar. Is it the same at Ralphs? Glad your back. I missed reading your posts.


Tracy -- thank you, it's great to go away, but always so, so nice to come home! This Brunswich stew does have what I'd describe as tanginess, which could be vinegar -- I'm not sure what Ralph's recipe is. But that flavor by no means overpowers the others. It's heavenly...I hated it as a kid but now I really miss it.


Ummm, ummm, I wouldn't mind having that plate you pictured right now!

clare eats

we don't have bbq like that over here and I am always wanting to read descriptions on it. That was the best on yet! I feel like I could fly over ther just to have a meal at Ralphs! Yum keep it coming girl .


Clare, honey, ain't nothing like it...a bit vinegary, very tender, just juicy enough.


I enjoyed your discussions on Ralphs . I grew up in Woodbridge , Va but my parents and extended family were all from Roanoke Rapids . We always brought a lot of their good to go to take back with us . It would be a great treat to thaw the food months later .

I am going back down that way next week and I am mainly going to eat at Ralphs. I know live four hours away in Roanoke , Va but the food is still worth the drive .


I just stumbled onto this...I was born and raised in Roanoke Rapids, and still live nearby (I'm 36 now). I have eaten more than my weight in Ralph's barbecue, to be sure. In fact, we still give Mama a break every once in a while and the family has Ralph's for Sunday dinner. Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm. Your description of the barbecue and slaw was right on. And by the way, I too remember the "buoys" and "gulls" bathrooms at Taylor's. Man, I miss that place.

Carol Razor

I agree, I miss the Carolina BBQ, Brunswick Stew, Ralph's (even though it's changed some) and Taylor's Fish House... I grew up in Gasburg/Brunswick County, went to School in Lawrenceville/where our school had many fund raisers with homemade stew and many many visits to eat in RR....


My husband and I went to ECU back in the 60's and found this wonderful barbeque restaurant on our trip back home. Have been coming here ever since!!! No one in the north knows what true eastern style pork barbeque is and that's ok by us!!! This place is not just a restaurant to have dinner ~ it is an experience!! The waitresses are down home friendly, the cooks sure know how to cook "southern style" and the food is scrumptious. We always bring a cooler to take some Ralph's barbeque, cole slaw and brunswick stew home to our kids. We have been to a lot of barbeque joints but none, and I mean NONE, rival Ralph's!!! Thanks to all who work there and make it such a incredible dining experience. We love you!!!!!


It's so wonderful to collect everyone's memories of Ralph's! Thank you for sharing yours, Brad, Jennifer, Carol & Pauline.

Nancy Jacobs

I have family that lives in Maryland,on each visit they stop at Ralph's to enjoy the Barbeque. They have taken some home with them to share with the neighbors, now the neighbors would like for them to make a purchase for them when they come to visit NC.Could you and would you please mail a menu to them? It would really be appreciated. Harriet Pittman
2949 Freeway
Baltimore, Md 21227


Nancy, I live in California and I don't have a menu on me. I'll bet if you call Ralph's, they'd put one in the mail. Good luck!


If you google barbeque restaurants in Weldon, NC, you'll get the address & phone # for Ralph's. They don't have a website of their own, but there are several references to Ralph's. Yum--wouldn't mind a bowl of brunswick stew, some slaw, & a hushpuppy or 2 right about now!


I love Ralph's. Their barbeque is amazing. I love the vinegar sauce and I love the texture of the meat. I even think they have the best coleslaw I have ever had!


I grew up in Roanoke Rapids and enjoyed Ralph's immensely. Great to read your delicious story.

eleanor stanley

the best bbq ever, plan our trips on stopping there either for lunch or dinner,
have stayed over to get it to go next day,even called and said we were few miles out rite before closing and they kept take out window open few mins longer,there great.
love it!

Judy Volgmann

Does anyone know if u can order online from Ralf's. I grew up in Carolina and can't afford to go back at this time. So if anyone knows please let me know how. Thank you. Judy at [email protected]

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