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January 11, 2006



Oh, I'm SOOO glad you loved Corduroy! Isn't it amazing what an incredible value that place is?

Re: the menu. Don't forget that it's attached to a FOUR POINTS... which although in the heart of the burgeoning yuppie hi-rise condo district, is still a FOUR POINTS. The guests are probably not used to seeing menus like Corduroy's, and much more amplification of that fact would probably drive them away.

Since they are the bread and butter of the restaurant, it could be a dangerous business move... Just my $.02.


Interesting perspective, actually. Perhaps given DC's reputation for a more conservative kind of cooking, they're doing the right thing.

clare eats

The meal sounds great, it is such a pity that Mr FM was feeling so lousy :(


Thanks, Clare. He was well enough to enjoy a nice dinner, just not well enough to wear a suit ;)

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