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December 20, 2005



That post has made my mouth water! I've been craving sushi/sashimi for a couple of weeks and I now know where we'll have dinner tomorrow night. Sensei sounds like a character.


Tracy, please log back on if you have a moment and let me know how you like it! Another reader, NS, went last week and had good things to say. I'd love to hear about any of your favorite dishes so I can put them down to try next time we go.

clare eats


I would be jealous if I wasn't sooooooooo heartbroken


Clare, LOL! I'm sure something in your upcoming 3 week holiday will be able to cheer your broken heart...


otoro was amazing for sure, but black cod was overpowered by a thick jelly'ish sauce, the chicken dish had to be sent back, and the steak was barely edible. the sushi seems good to better in general...Uni was great as well. i'd stick with sushi/ sashimi , etc....and avoid everything else.


Stereo -- thanks for the tips. I haven't yet ordered anything from the non-sushi menu, but if it's as bad as you say they've got some serious work to do.


Sorry you have jury duty again and can't join us on our journey to Sushi Sam's. After my mediocre meal at Yuzu last night I couldn't be more excited. Only the fried stuff and desserts stood out. The sushi and sashimi were poor to average -- decent otoro, salmon, maguro but gray hamachi and not so fresh uni. The entrees were mostly good (skip the "jumbo" shrimp)and the Kurabuto tonkatsu was one of the best I've had. The tempura unagi was also a treat. I am going for my final visit Thursday, but expect a tepid review of Yuzu on Gayot.com and in the February issue of Northside. I'm just trying to figure out, after you crowned it possibly the "best sushi bar in SF" if we were at the wrong restaurant :-(


Susan -- admittedly your experience and mine were 180 degrees apart. I tried only the sushi/sashimi, not the hot dishes, and they were all pretty spectacular. Who knows if a second visit would prove otherwise? I will go back, though, and let you know.


FYI Mr. Food Musings & I revisited Yuzu last night. It was a major disappointment. The sushi was okay, but nothing near what we had on our first visit last December. They cloaked the $22 otoro sashimi in sauce, which tells me that it wasn't very flavorful. It certainly wasn't tender. The desserts, which on our first visit had really impressed me, were lackluster -- dry-as-sawdust yuzu pound cake, icy sorbet -- and the service was still slow. It is now permanently crossed off my list

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