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December 18, 2005


Amy Kennedy

Ooohhh....I love Pimm's! One of my best friends lives in London and last time she came to visit she brought me a bottle - it ended up going pretty quickly. I should check to see if we can get it here!


Amy -- you definitely can buy it here. Mine isn't from London, I think I got it just around the corner. One of the nice things about a Pimm's is that it isn't overly alcoholic, so two drinks is the alcoholic equivalent of one glass of something else, handy at a party when you're trying not to get ripped in the first thirty minutes...or maybe that's just me?

Little Sister

You CAN get it here! I discovered this drink at Mara's Homemade in the East Village-a New Orleans restaurant that serves up a mean and thirst-quenching Pimms Cup. Then made up my mind to go right out and buy some!


Watch out for that pimms! We brits usually drink it in the summer and its rather reminiscent of a similar drink 'vimto' which is non alcoholic. I can just guzzle it without noticing and end up very tipsy!! I've seen it at Jonathans in La Jolla, CA and various other liquor stores.


Little sis -- I have no idea why a N.O. restaurant would serve Pimm's but hey, it's delish, so go with it.

Jenny -- spoken like a true veteran. Thanks for the advice!


Hey Catherine, you were wondering why the Pimm's cup would be in a N.O. restaurant? It actually has a long history in the crescent city. Because it is a light (low alcohol) & refreshing drink, it is perfect for sipping in a bar on a hot & muggy Summer day. Plus, you could have a few in the afternoon and still be raring to go for Happy Hour in any one of the fine drinking establishments in the Big Easy.


Bill -- thanks for the explanation! Makes tons of sense to me.


Both are delicious. I think the Pimm's cocktail is now my drink of choice when I am not drinking wine. It's very refreshing...mmm good.

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