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December 02, 2005



mmmmmm... that looks so comforting and warm. Perfect for the cold snap we're getting right now.

clare eats

I am defiantely going to jump on this bandwagon too, soon :)


Yep, girls, it's a great hunker-down-and-get-cozy food.


Yum! I've had risotto on my To-Do list for an embarrassing amount of time. I need to just make it already! Thanks for the recipe!


I have used this risotto recipe several times, substituting different "additives"--various other winter squash from my CSA, mushrooms, smoked duck breast, etc--and it is a great basic recipe. So thanks for that. All of the other recipes I have tried make way too much and take way too long.


I know you posted this forever ago but I just found the recipe and am making it tonight thanks to it fitting the random foods in this week's CSA delivery. I also took a look around and an fascinated by the idea of a place better than Bi-Rite. I'm having brunch at Zazie tomorrow and hope EOS will be open so I can grab a pint.

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