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December 09, 2005



Now you have me in a tizzy wondering if there are any Burmese restaurant in the Greater Vancouver area... Just a week to go and I'm there. I don't know which restaurant to go to first and how not to offend my mother in the process LOL. She's such a "all the family around the dinner table every night" kinda chick. *sigh*


Hi Catherine -- yum yum! Unfortunately it's hard to find good authentic Burmese food in Burma -- most of what's served is Thai and Indian.
Yep, nearly 90% of Myanmar's population is Buddhist. But not all Buddhists are strict vegetarians (Thais love pork!). On the other hand you won't find much beef there (offensive to Hindus), or pork either (because the nats -- Burmese spirits -- disapprove). Chicken and fish is pretty common.
Maybe it's time for you to dive into Asian cooking, Burmese cookbook in hand!


Nerissa -- good luck! Why not make it an annual restaurant outing? Our family always plans a nice meal out once during the holidays to give everyone a break from cooking and gather around a different table.

Robyn -- thank you for the extra details. I should have emailed you beforehand, knowing you'd have more info. Are there any Burmese cookbooks out there?


Burmese cookbooks? Errr, ummmm ... should have googled that before I suggested it, I guess.


I've already told my husband about this place and we're putting it on our To-Do list for next year's vacation in SF. We're going in June, did I tell you?

I already feel certain that San Diego doesn't have a Burmese restaurant. But I could be wrong...


Robyn -- no worries :)

Beth -- oh good! That list must already be a MILE long! Let's squeeze in a glass of wine of dessert if you can.

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