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November 01, 2005



Mmm... both batches of cookies look great. I love the sound of the oatmeal pumpkin ones.


They were a hit at the Halloween party last night, that's for sure.


Those on MS's site are dipped -- you can see the "feet" where the icing spread out as it was drying.

That recipe is simple enough that maybe even *I* could make it.


No one can get the icing as perfect as Martha! She sold her soul to the Devil for such skills! :)


Fatemeh -- good tip. And yes, you must give it a shot yourself. Super duper easy. (Though Beth may be right, and since I'm no Faust perhaps I shouldn't even try?)


Ooooh those shortbread look scrumptious! (as does the recipe for the chunky peanut chocolate cinnamon cookies- Im tempted to try that myself!)


Tanvi -- go for it, and stay tuned -- I have a cookie baking food blogosphere idea I'll launch later this month...


Both of those look terrific. Thanks for the new ideas. I've actually been looking for a good choc. shortbread recipe.


Those pumpkin chocoloate-chip oatmeal cookies are HEAVENLY. I also had canned pumpkin burning a hole in my refrigerator and I was glad to get rid of it in such a delicious way. I have to get rid of them though. Cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner does not a svelte figure make.


LisaSD -- yeah, and it's easy too.

Mina -- yay! They do make tons, eh? You live in a big building. Make friends with all the neighbors!


I thought I was going out on a limb when I searched "pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies" just because of a craving for all of the above, but alas, I found your blog and love it. Mostly because of the chocolate shortbread. Thanks!

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