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November 18, 2005



My mom used to make a version of this with mushroom soup instead of sour cream. But I think she only made it when I was a kid because I don't think I've ever seen her make it now. I had no idea it was served with french fries traditionally. I had such an aversion to the dish as a child that I don't even remember what it was served with.
But it is cool to know about the french fries if His Froginess would actually want to eat this one day. I don't know about me... *S* I've been a pesco-vegetarian so long that I can't even really picture myself eating meat so much.


I've enjoyed reading your recent posts on your experience living in Russia and your renewed interest in foods Russian. I hope there's more to come!


Love the new design of your blog!


Nerissa -- the ubiquitous can of cream of mushroom soup. I love it! It's as American as baseball and apple pie!

Tracy -- thanks, and thanks! I got tired of looking at my silly old face staring back at me!


Great article, keep up the good work.


Jane -- thank you!


My mom used to make this, too, probably with the can of mushroom soup. I think it must have been a popular American dish in the 60s/70s.

My mom had a tradition that on our birthdays, my sister and I could choose whatever dish we wanted and she would make it for us. I would often choose beef stroganoff over noodles. Looking back, I think that's so weird because I am not much of a meat eater, but I guess I was back then!


Beth -- well if ever you get a hankering, here's a recipe to try. It's quite good, but you do, of course, have to like meat :)


"...something that San Francisco has plenty of."

Hearty red wine or cold winter nights? ;-)

Might just have to crank up the air-conditioning to deep freeze and get a pot of this bubbling on the stove. Thanks for sharing Katia's recipe, really brings the preceding two posts to life!


Robyn -- I meant the cold nights. I'm still grumpy that we got no summer this year (although it's definitely been warmer the last week...)


i was reading the second paragraph of this page and i saw it said beef stroganoff was cooked in a roux and in parenthesis it says sauce. a roux is not a sauce nor is stroganoff cooked in a roux. a roux is a french thickening tecnique made of 1 part clarified butter (fat) and 1 part flour.

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