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November 21, 2005



I'm sure many of us are guilty of letting a whole lot of something make us feel better. I'm sure if I had those cookies this crappy weekend I would have indulged too. Pass the chocolate would you?


I did the same thing last week with my fix of choice, homemade Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. I ended up feeling worse when my favorite jeans were a bit too tight.


Nerissa -- your comment made me laugh out loud! I love it. I also ate four pieces of pizza last night. Ugh!

Tracy -- the key is to have a range of jeans, some all nice and stretched out and waiting for the cookie binge days!


Why not, I say! There is scientific evidence that dark chocolate improves mood...


A little (or a LOT) of chocolate won't hurt you when you're feeling stressed. Believe me, I speak from experience!!!!!!1


Catherine - I am missing your picture beaming back at me on the home page. I keep on thinking I have gone to the wrong blog.


LisaSD and Mom -- see, you have the right idea!

Sam -- nope, I just got bored and switched things up. It's nice to know you miss my mug, though...


I DO miss it - I loved that picture. Please bring it back, else I am going to have to tape one of you onto my flat screen monitor


Sam -- whatever you must do, dearie; for now the berries will have to be a fair enough likeness!


I made some of these cookies this week. Yummy! except the cinnamon is throwing me off a little. I might try them without it next time.

Happy Baking!

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