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November 11, 2005



Sounds great! Yet another recipe to add to my "must try" pile. I'm with you on pumpkin pie-blech! Did you ever find recipes to fill your new serving dish?


I'm having a dinner party in a few weeks and I plan to bust out the serving dish then. I'll use the bowls for some combination of (a) popcorn with rosemary and sea salt -- stole that from another blogger -- (b) cannelini bean dip -- in an attempt to replicate what we ate at Region. Not sure how to get those two to mingle without mingling, so I may just pick one all the way through.


Interesting concept and very healthy! Glad it was a success.

Have a fun weekend, Catherine!


Catherine -- *canned* pumpkin??!! You disappoint me! ;-)

Seriously, try making pumpkin pie with *real* pumpkin, and you'll never say "ick" again. It's super easy and I've got a great recipe (it's that time of the year, no?).


Beth -- Thanks. We went down for dinner at my favorite restaurant ever, Manresa. (sigh) Another meal to remember.

Robyn -- I know, I'm sort of the anti-foodie foodie. I'm not sure I believe scraping the pumpkin is worth all that effort; a recent post (can't remember where...) did a comparison of pies baked with canned and real pumpkin and decided that the real one did taste better, but not enough better to be worth the effort. And you know I'm lazy to start with...! If you send me the recipe, I'll consider giving it a go!


You're on. And you roast the pumpkin in the skin, then just scoop it out -- no scraping necessary!


Hi please post the recipe again - the link has moved!

Thanks -


Here is the recipe link again:


Love the idea of pumpkin. The enchiladas look awesome.

I just made some lower fat chicken and cheese enchiladas and put them on my blog. Actually I've made them quite a bit, they are great. Come take a look if you have a chance and let me know what you think.


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