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November 22, 2005



I suppose this will work with acorn squash too? That's about the gamut of winter squash we get up here. Not that I'm in stressed out turkey mode right now. Canadians have their Thanksgiving a month earlier than yours. So for me it's a "been there, done that" feeling.

I wish you the best of holidays though. I spent my Thanksgiving with friends only and --don't tell my family this -- I had the best Thanksgiving ever with them. ;-)


Nerissa -- yes, I think any kind of nice creamy wintery squash would work well, esp. acorn. (And your secret's safe with me!)


Yum! Your bacon slogan reminds me of something my sister says. Our hairdresser's maiden name was Bacon but she changed it when she got married. But my sister always says that if her last name was Bacon, she would keep it if she got married and also she'd change her first name to Bacon and then she'd be called Bacon Bacon. :)


Beth -- okay, this is totally unrelated except for the rhyme. In college, one of my first year roommate's was named Macon. And she always said she'd never date anyone whose last name was Bacon, Out or Love -- well, you can see what life would be like if they fell in love and got married.


My boyfriend and his family are vegetarians. We have all decided that bacon is a root vegetable. Yum!


Ohmygod, Mina, you are too funny! I think I would LOVE his family!


I made this soup tonight to accompany simple broiled tilapia fillets and grilled asparagas. The soup was absolutely delicious. The bacon made the soup scrumptuous. I added a medium onion, though the onion wasn't listed as an ingredient. :) I hope you don't mind, but I've made this a favorite in my own recipe database. Thanks Catherine!!!

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