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November 30, 2005



Count me in as a big bacon fan here, extra crispy. I bought a great cookbook all about bacon over the summer and have been working my way through it. For Thanksgiving, I make a Cranberry Broccoli Salad, complete with crispy bacon ... mmmmm, yummy. And healthy, right? With broccoli? I figure it cancels out the negative aspects of the bacon. ;)


Bacon...the food of gods! If I could have just one food for the rest of my life the Big B would have to be it. When you need a litle change from the normal BLT, try a BAvocadoT or BLAT. MMMM!


Sweetnicks -- I like the way you think -- broccoli v. bacon!

Tracy -- good call, avocado does make a great addition to a BLT. I never seem to have any on hand, though...could it be because Mr. FM eats them straight from the skin with just a dash of salt and pepper? Ah yes, that could be it...


Niman Ranch is basically a local purveyor for you, right? So it counts as "eating local." And tomatoes are still ripe and yummy in NorCal at the end of Nov? Wow!

little sister

i know it may sound gross, but as a kid, i used to toast a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich and add bacon to it.

it's gooey, it's rich, and believe it or not (i tempt you to try it!) it tastes awesome.


LisaSD -- yes, they are local. The tomatoes were not local or the lush red of summer fruit, but given proper time to ripen the Romas did a sufficient job!

Little Sis -- God, I'd forgotten those! Heaven!


Ditto on the PBJ & bacon---makes a GREAT breakfast along with a glass of milk (skim, of course!). Just a reminder: the Southern BLT is always made with white bread, but I'm sure you know that. Bacon is in a class by itself all right! It makes almost everything taste better (tho I have yet to try it with chocolate--just give me time!).


Mom -- I have a recipe for peanut butter chocolate truffles. Yell if you want it...!


Mmmmmm..... cured pork.
Want to make *anything* taste good? Just one word: lardons. Cubed bacon does fine too. It's how I got my husband to eat brussels sprouts.



WHOOEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I'm yelling!


Robyn -- love that combination myself. I've often thought it probably IS the cure for Brussels sprouts' terrible reputation.

Mom -- okay, I'll email it to you, or maybe make some at Christmastime?

clare eats

BLT :)
We had it the other day and are in the midst of a bacon love affair too :)


Clare -- lots of people have said that!!! It must be seasonal (?) Or in the air. Or something!

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