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October 10, 2005



Thanks for supporting Safeway, we appreciate it. And if you are talking about the Webster St. store, you forgot to mention the extensive produce section. It may not be 100% Organic, but Bob (the produce manager) knows his stuff better than anyone I know. If an item is available, he will get it for you.


I got a chuckle out of this post! While I love and abhor Whole Foods, it is my local big name supermarket that has everything I always never knew I needed.

Magazine...have you ever read Fine Cookng?


Bill -- great tip about Bob, thank you!

Tracy -- Yes, I've read Fine Cooking. I like it, don't love it, though I know plenty of people who do. What is it you like so much about it? I'm curious.



Well done! When I lived in Sacramento I used to do most of my shopping at a Railey's there. The selection was good, but the people were _great_. Friendly, helpful, always spoke to me even when rushing past on an errand. I still miss that store.


Kevin -- see, that's what I'm talking about! (Loved your cinnamon toast memory -- I have one of my very own -- and your shrimp picnics, by the way...)


The thing I most like about Fine Cooking is that it offers indepth explanations of techniques that lead the reader to a specific result. When I follow the instructions I always learn a new skill and I learn why the skill/technique is needed or used and what the outcome should be. I will admit that some issues are far better than others, but I still learn something even when I just read the articles and am not inspired to try the recipe. When I don't have a book on my night stand I tend to reread the older issues. It's the only cooking magazine I subscribe to now.

Beth - The Zen Foodist

Great post! I think you're brave to admit this because some foodies and food bloggers can be really pretentious about this kind of thing. But I understand your love, girl! :)

And LOL at you getting a comment from someone from Safeway!


Tracy -- hmm. Food for thought. Maybe I'll try cooking from it too and see how it goes.

Beth -- we can now walk the aisles, free of our burdensome secret!


The latest issue November 2005(73) has an indepth article on pot roasts. A friend of mine followed the recipe and said the technique made the best pot roast ever. She's from a Midwest family who had pot roasts every other Sunday for years. She's a convert. If you like pot roast, it may be a good recipe to try. I haven't tried it.


my personal favorite mag is Cook's Illustrated -- the mag for cooking nerds i guess. Gastronomica and Saveur are next, and I am SLOOOOWLY weaning myself away from the boxes of boxes of Food and Wine and Gourmet that I've collected through the years (trying to cull through them now to put in binders).... Cook's Illustrated, similar to Fine Cooking, but more *my* style....geeky and almost always fail-safe.

re Safeway -- i totally relate. i'm still amazed at some "finds" at my local Wal-mart, even free-range chicken eggs and organic milk and yogurt.


Stef -- wow, WalMart? I shop there every year when we go to Wyoming for our annual fishing trip (it's the best grocery store in Cody, WY) and I'm excited to know about the organics! I'll keep my eyes peeled next time. Walmart may be reviled as an evil giant, but maybe this Goliath has some redeeming qualities....?

Rob Poitras

arg, I hate safeway. I work 40+hours a week and do the school thing full time at night. When I go to the safeway near my house in clayton (bay area) at night, the store is usually a mess. Last time I went they were out of half gallon milk in every variety (1%, 2% and nonfat). They only had the gallon and pint(?) left.
Plus when I go at night there is usually a line of people 4-6 deep. Its around 9:30-10:30 when most people have finished their shopping but not everyone is at home watching survivor.
Also not a big fan of their marketing. During prime sports seasons they have a tower/bridge thing filled with various chips and salsas/dips. People actually walk under the thing to get into the store.
The fruit (except the apples) usually tastes like colored veggies. Safeway is ok in some ways. They do have a variety of good products and the stores are usually very clean.
I will stick with Trader Joes and Whole Foods for edible items, and Safeway for cleaning products.


Rob -- no doubt the one near you sounds god-awful (though probably they restock late at night, which explains your experiences with the milk?) I know that grocery stores definitely stock based on demographics, so maybe the one where I go just gets more attention and affection? It's near tony Pac Heights -- as well as low-income housing, now that I think about it, so maybe that blows the theory?


I like Safeway too and give you props for fessing up in the food snob culture that is the Bay Area. I live in Oakland, and for "exotic, hard to find ingredients," there are a plethora of ethnic enclaves to go to. For the same stuff, you pay way less.


Thanks, Annabelle. I am the anti-snob food snob, I guess -- I likes what I likes and Safeway is a guilty pleasure.

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