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October 07, 2005


Beth - The Zen Foodist

Yum, those mini chocolate cakes look so dense and rich and delicious. I'd say it's worth sitting through a less-than-ideal meal if it means enjoying one of those at the end of it! :)

Have a great weekend!


It is definitely top of my list for dessert and drinks at the bar...You, too, Beth!


Yup. This seals the deal. The service flaws are going to drive that place into the ground. Why Loretta is NOT paying more attention is beyond me.

I'm so glad that the vacherin made the cut... it's such a perfect and yummy dessert.


Fatemah -- it's such a shame, too. But it's never too late to change things. I would be willing to go back if I hear better things about the service.


Totally agree. I'm still really considering sitting at the bar as an option.

Because that flatbread... ooooh, that flatbread.


See, now, I didn't order the flatbread. I knew I should, but I just didn't. Damn!

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