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September 27, 2005


clare eats

That looks yummy!!!

Finicky rice? NOOOOOOO
Remember that using cups is all about proportions ;)

so choose "a size" and put 1 of them to 1 1/2 of water a pinch of salt into pot (that isn't too big for the amount) Bring to boil, turn down as low as you can go (small element) for 12 minutes. Turn off and leave for a 5 minutes or til you need it! EZ :)


Clare -- clever instructions. I see that you are one of "those"...

clare eats

sorry about that....


Ha! I'm the sorry one, can't even make rice without following the package directions. And I call myself a food blogger??? ;)


that looks like a very VEGAN recipe to me if you want to include it in IMBB#19


woo hoo - there you see - you even fooled yourself into eating a vegan meal without realising it which means you met the IMBB challenge perfectly.

Thanks for taking part



Ive tried this concept before- its a nice alternative to usual rice dishes.

Oh a tip for reheating leftover rice: sprinkle a bit of water on it, and heat covered with a tissue. That usually does the trick for me.


Sam -- it's fun, my first IMBB!

Tanvi -- ooh, good tip! Thank you.

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