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September 02, 2005


clare eats

I can't wait for the good tomatoes to start rolling in over here ;) they all you guys will be jealous instead! ha :P


Hmm, eating local be damned. We should arrange a trade! (if only tomatoes weren't such fragile travelers...)

mark fallows

mhhhh from sun soaked London i am envious. We live off cast of Catalan tomatoes and less than moist mozzarella. But then again we have the sun. Had a bottle of Ridge Zin last night at a BBQ in Sophie's garden. Heaven can wait.


I have been doing similar for several days. I have 10 varieties of heirloom tomatoes in my yard right now - different colors - different sizes. I've been picking every two days and cooking them and eating them on sandwiches, and making Caprese Salad or something like it, even without the cheese - just different kinds, sliced, sprinkled with good salt and drizzled with extra virgin oo. Yummy. May be quite simple but sooo good.

I made an Heirloom Tomato Salad for guests 2 summers ago. My husband thought I was nuts - just serving them tomatoes - it was the hit of the party.

Simple is better.



Mark - I can't top Ridge in a garden. Want me to send you some tom-AH-toes?

RisaG - lucky, lucky girl!!!

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