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September 20, 2005



Hi Catherine - thanks for playing the meme game! It sounds like a lovely evening (nothin' wrong with sentimentality). I've added links to you on the meme page.



Beau -- thanks for the link and for starting another fun meme!

clare eats

What a fab post Catherine :) She was a bitch :P to her!

I am so happy I was the trigger for such a great post :) :) :)

C (He)

Minor correction: C (She) never had a "replacement", only someone keeping her seat warm for awhile. C (She) was, and is, irreplacable....hence the engagement :-)
And, yes, the bubbly was my best glass of the month as well -

C (He)


Clare -- glad you liked it.

C (He) -- damn fine woman, damn fine champagne. I suppose you get lost in all this mess but you're damn fine as well.


Thanks for the tag, Catherine! I am excited to participate. :)

mark fallows

This is starting to be like the old US classic comedy, SOAP.
"Confused? You will be."

But i am loving it. One, my diet has never been better and now i have gossip as well.

One comment for all unsuspecting recipients of Ms Food Musing's barbs...they are of the razor wire variety- i can attest. Can i suggest one try avoid them at all cost. Ouch, i feel one coming my way.

Duck anyone?


Mark -- As I sit here laughing, I am thinking "Harumph!" -- for you oh-so cleverly preempted a barb. Do you know me too well?

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