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September 13, 2005



i've been there! a long time ago, the food was good but i suppose u have to dig mexican food

i think it actually was rated on the zagat though i today find the guide a bit dubious

ur pix are very nice but i dont think they display the "shack" quality of this establishment :-)


Daniel -- don't let the bright paint fool you, the ceiling over the "dining room" is a plastic tarp, the floor is concrete and the kitchen is probably no more than 100 square feet!


Gorgeous photos but from where I sit this post is too cruel Catherine, just *too* cruel!


Robyn -- touché...!

Beth - The Zen Foodist

Ooooohh! I've been there before! Your post and lovely photos are making me sad b/c I'm a 4-hour drive away from SB and La Super Rica. Lucky you! Wasn't it yummy?

And I love your mysterious comment about your hubby! :)


Those pics are too cruel for someone as hungry and as far away as I am.


Beth -- technically, we drove 6 hours to eat there...what's a mere 4?

Shane -- yeah, there's very little really good Mexican in Virginia, at least where I'm from (Va. Beach and, for a spell, Charlottesville).

lil bro

hey, i know that shirt, looks like Mr FM was diving in Kauai.


Lil Bro - keen eye, brother, keen eye!

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