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September 30, 2005


little bro

Good way to help out the people that really need it now. Thanks for helping your country.


Little bro -- ditto.


If there was ever a great reason to have a party you've found it!

To guild the lily...stuff the dates with fresh chevre before wrapping the bacon around them. They are so delicious that way.


Tracy -- ummmm......yummy....


What a fantasic idea, Catherine! Thanks for the idea!


what a great idea! that makes me so happy! my friend is from new orleans and she's been so happy with the generosity and support people have been showing her beaten city.
i just had a bday party (unrelated to katrina, however) and served my own version of the artichoke dip. and i never feel like i make enough! mine doesn't have mozzarella in it though, might have to try that!


Beth -- the least I could do, ya know?

Mona -- I'm glad your friend feels the outpouring. As for the dip, I agree -- it's a total crowd pleaser! (And it's great leftovers, too...)

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