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September 18, 2005



This wonderful flavor makes you just sigh out loud! The Southerner in me must remind you that cinnamon toast is best on white bread!

clare eats

Love cinnamon toast! mmmmmmm :)
Might have to make some for brekkie myself :)


Mon, Yes, unfortunately all I have in the house right now is 7-grain...but once it gets fixed up just so, you can barely tell.

Claire, enjoy!


So simple and delicious. Totally reminds me of childhood, too. And when I visit my grandmother in Kansas, she still makes it for me.

Do you ever buy the cinnamon and sugar that's already mixed together?


Beth -- no, never heard of that! If I become an addict it might save me precious time, though...


your mom is a genius! sounds fantastic.

Joe @ Culinary in the Desert

I love doing this! It is such a great combo with toast. Yum!


Domino sugar makes a cinnamon and sugar mix and they come in very kitcshy fun shakers. Check out this site. http://www.dominosugar.com/products/sugarCinn.asp

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