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August 18, 2005


clare eats

That looks great! I think the cinnaon icecream idea is brilliant! It would be perfect for apple pie too :)


That's a great idea.


Hey, is this what you brought to the picnic? It was so good, and I couldn't remember who brought it!


Yep, it doesn't photograph that well but it's good, n'est-ce pas? Glad you liked it!


The amazing thing is... you can make this in a dutch oven when your camping and it is a treat from the gods!!!


This was yummy. Thank you!


Nice meeting you, Charlotte!


I lost my copy of this gourmet, I am so glad that you posted this recipe i've looked everywhere, and now I don't have to go without! thanks!

Melanie Williamson

This peach cobbler ROCKS!!! I made it for my in laws and totally won them over. Now, my husband is always asking me to make it. Thanks!


Cara - you're welcome.

Melanie -- that's pretty serious street cred for a cobbler. Nice!


You're a life saver! I copied this recipe incorrectly from the mag and with a quick seach, I found yours!

christina Chong

I was wondering if the peaches are already cut up and peeled off do you have to boil them in hot water ( step Two) or can i just skip that part? Making this cobbler for my sister =)


I have made this for a long time, and found that you don't have to cook the fruit ahead. I often make it with a combination of fruits - peaches, blueberries, plums - and I only use 2 T. butter, which is plenty. Yum!


I had good reviews but it was a little bit too sweet. If i made it again id use 1cup of sugar.

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