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August 12, 2005



What a delicious summer dessert! I'll be trying this one!

Becks & Posh

that looks SO good.
which brand of raw sugar do you recomend?


It is really good. I'm so lame, I can't remember the raw suger I used but I really liked it. Let me check at home and get back to you...


I've had great success with Giada De Laurentiis's crostada dough - now I'm sorely tempted to try your variation! What a lovely elegant, yet casual, dessert.


Sam - I just used regular old grocery store sugar. (Is that bad? Am I kicked out of food blogging now?) It's definitely not local, though, in all seriousness.

Tara - I have a cookbook of hers, maybe I should give that crust a try. Crostatas are the new black in my opinion ;)

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