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July 28, 2005



I'm adding these to my summer recipes. They'll be great to take and share!

clare eats

These been recipes will be great in summer when I am being overloaded with my mums beans!
Thanks :)


Umm, Clare, fresh beans from the garden...what a treat! I used to sit with my grandmother and great aunt in summertime, on the porch swing, while they'd snap them (hence the term snap beans that I grew up with). They'd throw the ends into one paper bag and the whole beans into another, and then go into the house to make supper.


I loved this recipe, but have a few comments. I just tried recipe #2 and the proportions seemed off. I used 1 1/2 pounds of green beans instead of just 1/2 pound. There's no way 1/2 pound serves 8, or provides seconds for kids, I thought, so I just went for it. For me, those results are great. I used fresh beans from my garden and it was wonderful. I tried to go to Cooks to see the original but am not a member and couldn't. Thanks for the recipe!!! Yum!

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