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July 20, 2005



The perfect island drink as a healthy smoothie in the morning or as a tropical cocktail during happy hour(oh, that's right, EVERY hour is happy hour in the islands)!


I saw surfing for lassi recipes, and I must say, in such a short paragraph, you wrote the most amusing recipe I've ever read. Thanks or the laugh.

Gan Hui Sing



ME and my friends are making this for a school project. Very Good!


Nick -- fabulous! I hope you all get an A+.


my daughter brought the mango lassi recipe in for her class project one day and she said that the kids loved it


hj -- that's great! It's a delicious & nutritious drink, and it gets the kiddies eating "exotic" fruit like mango. Thanks for letting me know!


That must be the best recipe I've ever read! I've just quoted it to my husband and we are both crying out of laughter. All I wanted, when googling it, was a recipe for mango lassi that i want to prepare tomorrow. Quite unexpectedly, I got lots of great comic relief as a bonus. Thank you! :-)

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