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July 06, 2005



Your post reminds of my friend who stayed in Russia for 3 months- she was also a vegetarian who related her adventures in food to me, which was quite hilarious. She's not a strict vegetarian like I am, so she made do but Im not sure what Id do in the same situation! On a separate note, I didnt know you were a Middlebury alum! My sister is going to start there this fall :-)


Yeah, I was as vegetarian as I could be, but wasn't totally strict. That would be tough to do, unless you refuse all invitations to peoples' homes! I hope your sister likes it there. I only attended during the summer (language schools don't meet during the year) but it's a beautiful campus and a cute little town. The Ben & Jerry's factory is close by and does tours...perhaps on your first visit out you can stop by?!


Yeah, I dont think Ill be visiting Russia anytime soon, though I do hear its beautiful.

Haha- Im already planning on a Ben and Jerry's visit. I mean, why else would I go there? Just kidding!


Your experiences as a vegetarian in Russia made me chuckle - I had similar experiences as a vegetarian living in Spain. Something I will never forget is the look of absolute incomprehension on people's faces and the inevitable followup question, 'but you do eat chicken, don't you?'. You know, I even studied Russian for a couple of years too - before deciding that Russia wasn't really the place I ever wanted to live, so why bother... Still, it's fascinating to read your account!

Robin DeMartini

Oh my, didn't realize you were a vegetarian when gifting you with smoked-baked meat, fish and poultry from Smoky Market to enjoy! Glad to hear Mr. Food Musings and relatives liked it, and you enjoyed the salmon! p.s. saw this on a t-shirt recently; Vegetarian, old Indian word meaning 'not a good hunter.' Love your site and blog..keep up the good work!

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