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March 07, 2005



I just made this for dinner tonight, and i don't know that i've ever quite been tempted before, upon finishing a meal, to go back in the kitchen and make it all over again. i did refrain, but i think this is going to be one of my new mainstays. i used fresh basil and parsley. i can't wait till summer, and i just got a great sauvingon blanc to go with it, too! now, if only it would stop snowing outside...


This sounds delicious. I am planning to try this one.

little sister

Made this again, this time with mint and cilantro together, and it was wonderful-the mint offset the heat of the cilantro perfectly!


I made this dish for dinner tonight -- turned out excellent. I sauteed some minced garlic with the olive oil before adding the noodles -- the cilantro and italian parsley were the perfect combo! Fresh grated parmesan with some lemon slices just topped of the dish. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone! :D

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