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March 26, 2005



Chicken pot pie: one of the great comfort foods!


I just have to set the record straight: Boyfriend did not actually take the carcass home-he refused to go through security with chicken bones in his bag (what, as if that's strange??. So it was me who delivered them safely to the Big Apple.



Sounds delish. For my next chicken pot pie, I'm going to try to mimic what I ate a few months ago at a local pub: chicken pot pie served in a crusty little hollowed-out boule.


This recipe is fabulous! I do not eat dairy, so I was excited to find a recipe where the filling does not rely on milk. Instead of butter I used oil, and I modified the biscuits to omit the dairy. This was a true hit. I have saved the recipe and will make it again:)


I loved the recipe I tried it last night thanks!


I tried this out tonight and it was FABULOUS! Looking forward to leftovers :)

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