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March 08, 2005



As you know, i'm also a huge fan of the peanutbutter, particularly when paired with any kind of chocolate. You can imagine my dismay and surprise when i found out that it is such an American commodity that it is even hard to find in London! I did manage to find it, but the variety was slim, and forget finding chocolate and peanutbutter as a sellable combination. The same was true when I lived in Prague. I would journey to the gigantic Tesco for my weekly stock-up on food i could only get there, braving fiends of Czech shoppers (at all times of the day-i swear!) to get my peanutbutter. Then I would buy some yummy chocolate to go with it, sit at my kitchen table and make my own version of a Reeses. Mind you, I ate plenty of local cuisine while I lived abroad, but sometimes, I just needed some comfort food to tide me over. The point of this comment is, finally, that homemade reeses are to die for-one good bar of your favorite chocolate, with a smear of peanutbutter, a glass of milk, and you are good to go.

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