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November 23, 2005


clare eats

Oh I am so jealous Catherine!!!!
That looks too good to bear.
I hope the rest of their treats are just as good :)


Ahh... this time you make ME laugh. "Make love to the camera" she shouts... *shaking my head, still laughing*


Clare Eats -- Well I intend to find out!

Nerissa -- what? You don't believe me?! ;)


of COURSE I do... I know I'd do something as confusing to normal people too ;-)


Catherine--THREE blocks from your house...oh, this is going to be verrrry dangerous...verrry dangerous, I say!


Next trip to see you, we go there FIRST!!!!!


Oh my god. You are so lucky. I would sell a finger to have a chocolate store 3 blocks from my house.


LisaSD, Mom and Beth -- I know, the proximity is daunting. My poor waistline...

Chez Christine

They have excellent spicy hot chocolate too, I remember having one at the one in Oakland (Rockridge district).

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