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September 28, 2005



Haha- I do that too! I am always keen to know what other people thought of my baking, but the person I sent the goodies off with never has a satisfying answer...In my quest to become a better baker, I dont just want to know they people liked them but what specifically did they like. Alas.

I hope you're feeling better! I have a cold, too, which is making the idea of cooking not so alluring.


Tanvi -- I suspect all of us who cook secretly (or not so secretly) want everyone who eats our food to die of rapture. But alas... I am feeling crummy, but less crummy than yesterday which is progress!


Thanks for the tag. I'm not mad at you in the least! I haven't done 23rd posts yet, so I'll be happy to do the 3rd one. :)


Catherine -- I send baked goods to work with Dave too! It garners him quite a few brownie points (oh, sorry, that was a lame one) in Malaysia, where food is national obsession number one.
Don't hate me -- I'm gonna bow out of this meme. It's just too soon to revisit old posts. Sorry! But I'm up for others...... :-)


Beth -- Whew!

Robyn -- it's a good way to avoid packing on pounds. Never fear, I feel satisfied to have tagged all the requisite numbers, thereby shamefully and cowardly passing on any possibility of bad luck, a la the chain letter, to the next person. Feel free to bow out!

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